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*Flight is currently more under consideration.

NOVA FRESH system will make it possible to transport Live Fish without water.

After the first stage of the process using NOVA FRESH, the Live Fish can be in a “napping” state.
(Napping state= this state is similar to a patient who is under anesthetic during an operation, but completely different from bring under anesthetic)

After few hours

One of the advantages of this system is that water is not needed when the Live Fish are being transported long distances (in Styrofoam containers).

Once they reach their destination, the Live Fish which was in “napping” state can be awoken by using the NOVA FRESH.

As the result, the awoken Live Fish will be back to the state of swimming in the water.

The trader will be able to offer fresh Live Fish at a reasonable or valuable price.
By using NOVA FRESH system, traders can offer number of Live Fish to their customer without losing the quality and freshness of its origins.

Table.We are transported to keep living fish up to this time  by the NOVA FRESH system .